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Tour Maras Moray Salt 1/2 day: In just half a day, this tour allows you to discover the salt mines of Maras and Moray agricultural terraces, which are located in the province of Urubamba. You will enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes on the way to the places listed and full of culture and tradition people. I recommended tour for individuals and / or groups of all ages.

  • OUT OF TOUR: Everyday
  • DURATION OF TOUR: 9:00 am – 2:30 pm.

Places to visit in the Tour Maras Moray Salt:


Travelling to Moray (3,500 m) is located only 7 km from Maras, although the road that leads to it is not always in good condition. It is famous for its embedded amphitheater, formed by four circular terraces which seem to disappear into the interior of the puna, like an artificial crater. Apparently the place was an Inca agricultural research center devoted to crop experimentation around the different altitudinal levels of their plots (some over 100 m deep). The terraces, built on retaining walls filled with fertile earth and watered by complex irrigation systems, enabled cultivate more than 250 plant species.

TOUR Maras:

Maras is a small town located 40 km from Cusco, taking a detour on the road to Urubamba. Its unique appeal, besides its colonial church, are the salt mines or salt mines, located near the village, which captivate observers and especially photographers. Used since pre-Columbian times, salt is extracted through an ancient system of drying, whereby the salty water from an underground stream is exposed to the sun in thousands of ponds to evaporate, leaving ready to be marketed. The light show provided by the ponds during the summer months serrano (April to October) is certainly unmatched. The light show provided by the ponds during the summer months serrano (April to October) is certainly unmatched.

Detailed itinerary Tour Cusco Machu Picchu:


We started the tour with pick up from your hotel at 09:00 am then headed by bus to the town of Chinchero, which is located 28 km from the city of Cusco. This village is surrounded by beautiful countryside and farmland since the place was very important in the times of Tahuantinsuyo agricultural center; also we will see buildings with colonial style and the typical market of this town.

Continuing the tour headed to the picturesque town of Maras, located 52 km from Cusco at an altitude of 3,380 m; the importance of place is given by the salt mines it possesses; those salt mines are composed of about 3000 small wells of approximately 5 m ² of which the salt is removed. Obtaining salt follows the process of extraction and drying of salt water from an underground spring. The “Maras” have been exploited since Inca times in which was used as a medium of economic exchange.

Then we go to the archaeological group of Moray, located about 7 km. Maras. Moray is a group of terraces or circular terraces of different sizes, which in Inca times were used as an agricultural experimental center; here it was where they performed their studies plant adaptation to new ecosystems. Moray is seen as overlapping concentric stone rings expand as it rises; the total depth is a 150 m.

In each place you visit you will have time to enjoy the scenery and take pictures; After the tour return to the city of Cusco, the entire tour takes about 5 hours, it will be back to the city of Cusco at approximately 14.30 hrs.

It included in Tour Maras Moray Salt 1/2 day:

  • Pick Hotel (Cusco).
  • Touristic bus.
  • Official guide service in English and Spanish.
  • Entrance tickets.

Not Included in Tour Maras Moray Salt 1/2 day:

  • Alimentacion

It is recommended for the Tour Maras Moray Salt 1/2 day:

  • Camera or video camera (Optional).
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, hats or caps.
  • Light clothes.
  • Warm clothes.
  • Snack.


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